Thursday, April 5, 2012

one plus one = one

I was not planning on doing an outfit post today, but I decided to wear my new jackets to work today and a lady stopped me as I was exiting the subway and told me I had a "beautiful jacket". Little did she know I was actually wearing two jackets and was immensely regretting that decision on account of my gross misjudgement of the weather. So alas, here I am, in all my sweltering glory, un-made-up face and all. Go ahead, you can now judge me.

I'm wearing a (gifted) Sandro trench, Zara knit, Bassike jeans and Jil Sander boot, Casio watch

 As above, but with a Zara blazer

 This is what happens when you unzip the sleeves (so awesome and you can get it here) off the Sandro trench and layer it over the Zara (or any!) jacket.

 This is me. I don't normally wear makeup so I guess I shouldn't feel shy/ashamed about posting pictures of my bare face.

See how far a small compliment can go? I was not even almost going to do a post today, but this random lady made me feel nice so I decided to take advantage of my boosted self-esteem.


  1. I love clothes that have party tricks like that trench! Cute post Phil! xx

  2. love the Zara balzer!