Wednesday, March 21, 2012

gary bigeni

There are so many things that I want from this man! For those who don't know me (which I assume are most of the people who stumble along this brain dump that I call a "blog"), my favorite thing to do right now is make people uncomfortable. Not with my inappropriate sense of humor or my god-given ability to see the negative in everything, but with clothes and accessories that hurt your eyes. It stemmed from neon last year and has evolved into dizzying prints and unflattering silhouettes. Don't worry, I don't dress like this on a daily basis, I save it for special occasions.

Lucky for me, there are plenty of places to find these types of garments, but the crème de la crème for me is this Gary Bigeni suit and shirt set. Gary Bigeni is an Australian designer and if you Google his name, the overbearing consensus is that he is a masterful draper with a strong grasp of how to work with the female form. All this is definitely true, but the pieces that I have gravitated towards stand out because of bold prints, clean silhouettes and simple, classic shapes.

I want the suit so bad it hurts.

jumpsuit, coat

Aside from the printed items, the jumpsuit and coat are so perfectly cut. The clean lines are not obstructed by any over-designing (this happens a lot with jumpsuits) and you really get the feel that these are garments designed to be appreciated season after season. I don't even care that it's almost summer in the northern hemisphere. I want these things now.

Please check out for more information.

Update: While there are no stockists as of yet for US residents, I have been informed you are able to purchase his items online


  1. MMm i like the coat with leather sleeves

  2. wow! amazing prints!