Monday, March 19, 2012

sunlight makes me happy

There have been some really nice days in New York lately. I wish the weather would stay like this always. I feel that mid season weather is probably the only time I am ever appropriately dressed. In winter I'm always too cold (to the extent that I am the I don't even try and keep warm anymore) and in summer...well, no one is actually that comfortable in summer are they? Unless of course you spend the whole season at the beach.

This weekend was very lazy, and I feel like thats making my Monday feel very lazy too. I spent the first half of Sunday finishing the book On Love by Alain de Botton. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it. I'm not ever one to choose a sappy love story, but this one intrigued me because the love story was approached with an analytical eye...until the end. The last few chapers seemed to recline right into the genre of 'die-for-you' type of love story. I did not like this.
I enjoyed de Botton's style of writing but I did not feel a single thing for any of the characters. I thought the story was well presented and surprisingly, it provoked only a little eye-rolling on my behalf. I would recommend it (to the right person) and I think I might like to read it again.

I don't like to post things without images, so I will cave and put up some photographs my friend took of me at Bryant Park. I have long association with, long before they were intiated onto the world wide web, so I decided to wear a pair of gifted Sandro Studio Palazzo Pants (available here) along with my The Row tshirt and Want Les Essentiels bag for lunch in the park.


  1. yeah Love the sandro Palazzo pants ! they look great on you

    1. Thank you Closeted Dreamer! You are too kind. :)


  3. Chic outfit! :) I love how simply, yet laid back and put together it is.