Tuesday, March 27, 2012

it's cold blah blah blah

I'm sick of everyone talking about the weather. Yes, it's suddenly very cold in New York blah blah blah. Yes, its disappointing that your spring things are going to have to wait at least a week or two, but look at it this way, summers here are hot. Disgusting and hot. Lets not get too enthusiastic and forget the terrible-ness that is summer in New York City.

In other news, now that I have a fringe (ahem, bangs) I feel like I no longer have a need to wear any makeup. This is how my mind works:
"Oh, it covers half my face anyway, people won't notice"

Not sure if the above statement is true or not, but it's so liberating to walk around in just my moisteriser. I feel so naughty.

My friend and I have also been stalking stubhub for Gotye tickets for tonight. Can't believe they're still at $99! sheeesshhh there's still 25 tickets left. Stop being so greedy. 

I wish I bought a baguette this morning.

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